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Tips To Enhance the Mileage of Your Vehicle

Enhancing the mileage of your vehicle is as important as taking external care of it. Here are some tips on how to enhance the mileage of your vehicle:

1. Keep the Engine in Good Health: One of the best ways to improve car mileage is to take care of your car. If you drive your car with dirty and clogged filters, it will consume more fuel. A dirty air filter will restrict airflow, which will lower oxygen in the mixture. Resultantly, the car engine will compensate for this and end up more than the required fuel as it would generate more power to cover the same as it could with a clean filter.

2. Reduce the Load Inside the Car: Leave extra or bulky items at your home, and you will be able to save on fuel. Do you know 45 kgs in a car can reduce fuel mileage by 1%. Smaller vehicles face these issues. Therefore, try not to put excess weight in your car and see how much you can save on fuel from now onwards.

3. Use Correct Engine Oil: Make sure you are using the correct engine oil grade as it directly relates to the mileage the engine offers. You will receive information regarding this in your vehicle manual.

4. Be Easy on Pedal: If your search is still on with ‘how to improve car fuel mileage’, try to go easy with the pedal. Speeding, then braking and hitting fast acceleration, end up wasting more fuel. Further, poor driving habits affect fuel economy by 15%-30%. Therefore, follow this method and see if it works.

5. Maintain the Right Air Pressure: Driving with the correct air pressure has a direct link with a car’s fuel efficiency. Decreased tyre pressure means the contact area between road and tyre is beyond the usual limit. As a result, friction between the rubber of the tire and the road increases, consuming more fuel. On the other hand, over-inflated tyres reduce fuel consumption, but the grip and aquaplaning resistance come down. That’s why make sure the air pressure in a tyre is at an optimal level.

6. Avoid Over-revving: Over-revving can affect mileage negatively. Hard acceleration consumes more fuel. Hence, if you are willing to improve car mileage and save fuel, try to accelerate slowly and gradually.

7. Use Gears Correctly: Changing gears correctly is essential to ensure high mileage. This applies to both manual and automatic transmission cars. Use gears at the correct speed, which will help save fuel.

8. Check Wheel Alignment: Misaligned cars can adversely affect car mileage and fuel economy. Incorrect alignment can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 10%. Also, it can affect tyres as it would wear prematurely. Symptoms like a vibration in the steering wheel can result in uneven tyres, further leading to reduced car mileage. Hence, look closely at your tyres or visit us at Alphation Auto to ensure the tyres are properly balanced and aligned.

9. Leave the Air-Conditioning Turned Off whenever possible: Unless it is a very high temperature outside, try to avoid using the Car A/C unless you are having allergies from dust and pollution. Excessive usage can put a lot of strain on the engine and consume more fuel (especially at low speed). This is applicable for heated windscreens, demisters, etc.

10. Maintain an Optimal Speed Limit: The list of tips to improve the mileage of a car includes maintaining an optimal speed limit as specified in the vehicle manual. As per research, driving at 100-120 kmph uses up to 25% more fuel than 70-80 kmph. Ofcourse keeping in mind the Indian roads and traffic scenarios, this can be something that you consider while on long road trips to enhance fuel mileage.

For understanding these in detail or for a live demo, visit our Service Center and our technical experts can train you on some of these tips.

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