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According to market data, only 35% of all “post-warranty cars” head back to authorised service centres. The rest 65% of cars choose to go to Online Car Service Aggregators with no brick & mortar presence of their own or poorly equipped, bare-minimum makeshift car garages, the reason being, the exorbitant charges in dealerships. Even the multi-brand is not organised.

Alphation Auto comes with the concept of Dealerships Standard Operating Procedures but at almost half the rates for Services, Repairs & Body works.

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Our Categories and list of services

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Periodic Maintenance Service

When should you get a Periodic Maintenance or a Regular Servicing done for your car?

When your car has run 10,000 KMs or its been a year since your last service, whichever is the earliest.

  • Engine Oil and Filter replacement
  • Lubricant and fluid top-Ups
  • Air, Fuel & A/C Filter Clean/Replace
  • Electrical Sys, Sensors, Actuators check
  • Lighting System, Battery, Harness Check
  • Switches, Glass Mechanism Check
  • Engine Tune-Up
  • Brakes and Hand brake Clean and Adjust
  • A/C & Heater System Check
  • Water Pump, A/C, Drive belts / V-Belts Adjust
  • Wheel bearing, Struts, Arms, Knuckles, Rear Springs, Leafs, Link Rod, Tension Rods, Stabilizer Bar Bushes check and adjust
  • Tightening Body Bolts
  • Clutch Pedal play adjustment
  • Spark Plug, Glow Plug Check/Clean/Replace
  • Steering Assembly check for smooth operation
  • Latches, Hinges and Locks Lubrication
  • Doors, Windows Mechanism, Seats & Trim Check & Adjustments
  • Vehicle Washing & Vacuuming

Other Running Repairs

These are any Mechanical, Electrical, AC related or Denting & Painting issues that may arise in your car due to the regular usage.

  • All types of diagnosing
  • Engine Overhauling
  • Gear box/Transmission Overhauling
  • Automatic Transmission Overhauling
  • Clutch Assembly Replacement
  • Differential Overhauling
  • Suspension Repairs/Replacement
  • Brake Overhauling
  • Steering Column overhauling/ Replacement
  • A/C Repairs /Overhauling
  • Electrical Repairs, Harness replacement
  • Starter, Alternator, Compressor Overhauling
  • Lights, Power Windows, Battery
  • Wheel Cylinders, Wheel bearing, Master Cylinder
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Wheel Alignment
  • All Panel Denting & Painting
  • Full Body Painting
  • Chassis Repair Work
  • All Types of Cut & Weld Work
  • Full Body Rubbing & Polishing
  • All Types of Vehicle Modification
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General Health Check

When can you get a General Health Check for your car?

  • In between your Regular services to ensure your car is in good working condition
  • When you are going on a long road trip
  • When you haven’t been using your car for a long period of time
  • Oil & Lubricants Check & Top-Ups
  • Engine Health
  • Clutch, A/T, Manual Transmission Check Up
  • Air Conditioner Check-Up
  • Heater and Blower cleaning
  • Wiper Blades Condition
  • Tyre Condition
  • Battery Health
  • Suspension Condition (Struts, Arms, Knuckles, Frame)
  • Coolant Circulation & Overheating
  • Brake Effectiveness
  • Electrical Check Up
  • All lights & Harness Inspection
  • Tightening Body Bolts
  • Body Paint Condition

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