Service & Evaluation Camps

Free Car Health Check at Your Society for all your residents!

We at Alphation Auto are pleased to announce that we are bringing Car Health Check Up Camps to the comfort of your homes!

Many Car users haven’t been using the car much during the pandemic. This affects the normal functioning of the car. The following 15 items are what we’ll be checking during the camp:

  • Oil and Lubricants Check & Top-Up
  • Engine Health
  • Clutch, A/T, Manual Transmission Check up
  • Air Conditioner Check-Up
  • Heater & Blower Cleaning
  • Wiper blades Condition
  • Tyre Condition
  • Battery Health
  • Suspension Condition (Struts, Arms, Knuckles, Frame)
  • Coolant Circulation & Overheating
  • Brake Effectiveness
  • Electrical Check Up
  • All lights and Harness Inspection
  • Tightening Body Bolts
  • Body Paint Condition
If any resident needs help with Jumpstarting the car or Tyre Replacement, our technical team will be available to do so. We also have Privilege Membership Program, Bumper Stickers and Gift Cards available with us
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