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Alphation Auto

Alphation Auto is a State of the Art Service Center & Body Shop spread across over an acre furnished with the latest tools and equipments and OEM trained technical staff. We cater to all brands ensuring a dealership-like experience with expert advise, servicing and amenities at unparalleled prices to combine the best of both worlds for our customers!

Alphation is formed by a combination of 2 words: Alpha, meaning leader & Innovation, which makes us Leaders in Auto Innovation.

“A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way”-John C Maxwell.

Who are we?

At Alphation Auto you can be guaranteed that we Know the way, with a combined experience of a 100+ years of the top management in the automobile industry, your cars are safer with us than with anyone else.

Here, you are also guaranteed to leave with a smile and no burden on your wallets.
We also Show the way, with innovative processes and state of the art equipment that guarantee a high quality and reliable service from our end.

That is not all! We Go the way by not stopping at just servicing your car, we also have provisions for Insurance, Spare Parts and we are the go-to place for Used cars too.

So, come on down to the one stop shop for all your car needs and let your car experience luxury!

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Alphation Auto

Our Values

L - Learning continuously is the crux of our operations, we believe in continually improving and innovating.
E - Energetic personnel who are proactive and are the promoters of avant-garde.
A - Analytical processes, which ensures accuracy in services and ultimate satisfaction for customers.
D - Daring to be different and deviating from the norm, to be able to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our customers leave only with a smile.
E - Efficient in our operations, always ensuring customers a convenient and high-quality experience every time.
R - Reliable, with over a 100+ years of our top management’s combined experience in the automobile industry, our team guarantees exceptional service and impeccable support to our customers.

Our team

The Core team at Alphation Auto is a group of 4 auto enthusiasts who have worked within the industry and have a collective experience of 75+ years. We are a microcosm of innovation and passion. Our diverse skill sets and knowledge have enabled us to understand automobiles, like the back of our hands. We have hand-picked and assembled a well capable team and OEM certified and trained technicians that are best suited for our customers. They are aligned with our objective of superior car servicing and customer satisfaction and possess the skills to make your car work like new.

So, you will never go wrong by coming to us and you will leave Alphation Auto happier and more satisfied than ever.

Zain Merchant

Managing Director

Sandhya Kumari

Head - After sales & Profitability Consultancy


Head - Insurance & Pre-Owned Cars

Sana M

Head - Marketing & Strategy

Visit Our Service Center for a Meaningful Discussion

We want to be your trusted advisor when it comes to your car. We want our customers to feel confident in visiting us with any issue minor or major in their car, and not scared about the charges. So even if you want a second opinion, or just want to experience and see our Service center and meet our team, you are always welcome!
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